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Looking For Advise?

Looking For Advise

With over 70 years of experience, Lafayette Textiles offers a wide range of polyester fabrics (Knits and Woven) and blends. We keep over 2 Million yards in stock where no minimums are required. Lafayette Textiles is a vertically integrated company, this allow us to implement quality controls along the production process (spinning, weaving, finishing, packing, shipping, etc. ) supported by our in-house laboratory and provide not only excellent quality products but outstanding customer support and advisory.
Looking for garments manufacturing? Although we are only a textile mill, we offer in-house custom prints design and full package advisory. We understand that uniforms industry has evolved into a more fashionable look and the need for new designs/color/prints is rapidly increasing. Give us a call or email us for more details.
And how we do it with the rest of the world? Lafayette Textiles understands sustainability as the balance that must exist between economic growth, social progress and environmental responsibility, by optimizing our resources without compromising those of the future.

The Environment:

• We develop technological processes that minimize environmental impact.

• We recover cooling water from the pressure dyeing process, reusing as process water.

• We are now able to recycle 84% of the water used in the factory!

• We have reduced our water consumption from 17kg to 14kg per kilogram of fabric.

• Hazardous residues are stored in a specially designed enclosure.

• We have invested close to 3.2 billion Colombian pesos in a coal boiler, which enables the transition to clean combustion. This has the added benefit of burning coal with the emission of the

same particles as when gas is burned, but without any negative impact.

• Some of our base materials are produced using a percentage of recycled fibers.

• We control our noise pollution through double walls and isolators and motor exhausts, acoustic hoods for compressors, and by planting trees on the premises to bolster insulation.

• We have partially renovated the lighting of our facilities with long-lasting, energy-saving and mercury-free light bulbs and torches.

• We have converted all boilers for use with natural gas instead of crude oil.

Social Responsibility:

We place importance on constantly monitoring the community’s perception of our activities. To this end, a team from our company has opened a dialog with the different interest groups as a means of evaluating our impact.

Lafayette Kindergarten:

• Hosts 75 students between the ages of 2-6. 90% of the children are from the local area.

• We work with locals and with local authorities on an ongoing basis to identify their support needs, responding in turn with genuinely effective contributions that are valued by the community.

• We periodically and permanently monitor the impact our activities in term of noise and air quality.

Buying directly from Lafayette is very simple. Please contact us Toll-Free at 1-855 758 0777 ext. 6287 or contact us through our contact form. One of our sales representative will go over your needs and guide you through the setup process. Some forms and documents will be required.

Lafayette Textiles is a Colombian company and all production and main warehouse is based in Colombia, but we are incorporated in Florida, so you will not need to deal with international logistics or wire transfers. We have implemented a seamlessly logistics process for you to feel comfortable.